PIPELINE SURVEYING & MAPPING is a specialized part of Cimarron's services. We are experienced in all phases of pipeline construction and have experience with projects ranging all across the United States. Beginning with preliminary routing, staking and mapping, to construction as-builts, we are involved in all phases of the projects. Our employees are Operator Qualified through Veriforce and we are a member of the Pipeline Testing Consortium and ISNetworld.

Cimarron has a great deal of experience in GPS surveys for AGM locations and pipeline anomaly staking. We provide an organized booklet containing data sheets that detail each of your AGM's and follow up by staking out anomalies. If needed, we provide "trackers" during your smart tool runs.



CIMARRON's MAPPING department utilizes the latest in AutoCAD and other COGO software to produce precision drawings based on the field data collected. We can provide any size or type of drawing you might need. Preliminary, As-built, ALTA-ACSM, Location, Topography and Contours are only some of the types of drawings we are equipped to produce. Call and speak to our mapping department to discuss your specific needs.